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John Urry

John Urry is Distinguished Professor of Sociology and co-founder and Director of the Centre for Mobilities Research at Lancaster University. He is author of seminal mobilities texts such as Sociology Beyond Societies and Mobilities. This paper is drawn from Urry 2013.

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The Curse of Oil

Places of high carbon excess have mushroomed in the past 30 neo-liberal years. The speculative development of places such as Dubai is made possible by large infrastructural projects involving celebrity architects. The associated new transport systems are typically paid for out of public money. Building such places often involves the profligate consumption of water, power and building materials in order to build on reclaimed land (Macao, Dubai) or in deserts (Las Vegas, Gran Scala, Abu Dhabi). Gates, often digitised, prevent the entry and exit of local people and those visitors who do not have signs of good credit. Norms of behaviour are unregulated by family/neighbourhood. They are beyond neighbourhood with liminal modes of consumption and only pleasure and no guilt unless insufficient consumption occurs. (...)