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Jeffrey Hou

Jeffrey Hou ist Associate Professor und Chair of Landscape Architecture an der University of Washington, Seattle. Seine Arbeitsschwerpunkte liegen in den Bereichen community design, design activism, critical urbanism, and Placemaking sozialer Randgruppen. Er ist City of Vienna Visiting Professor 2013 (Senior). Jeffrey Hou ist Herausgeber von Transcultural Cities: Border-Crossing and Placemaking (2013) und Insurgent Public Space: Guerrilla Urbanism and the Remaking of Contemporary Cities (2010). Darüber hinaus ist er Mitherausgeber von Now Urbanism: the Future City is Here, das 2014 erscheinen wird.

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dérive - Radio für Stadtforschung
Jeden 1. Dienstag im Monat um 17.30 Uhr auf Radio Orange FM 94.0 oder Livestream http://o94.at
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urbanize - Int. Festival für urbane Erkundungen

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Now Urbanism

A Proposal for Interdisciplinary Spatial Inquiries

The urban age has been a long one. However, the expansion and spread of urbanization since 1900 is unprecedented. At the start of the twentieth century, only sixteen cities in the world had populations of one million people or more. By the year 2000, this number had swelled to 417. In 1950, only one city in the world had a population of over ten million people; today, there are 19 megacities. Some of the most rapid urbanization is occurring in societies quickly transitioning from small-scale agrarian to large-scale industrial economies, resulting in profound economic polarization, social dislocation, and cultural change. The twenty-first century promises a magnification of these trends as we realize a majority-urban planet with an increase in the population of our cities by over 5 billion people. This is not a simple increase in the consumption of urban space but rather »a significantly complex geopolitical shift in conditions of community, production, competition, … that challenges everything from the local to the global.«1 The primary challenges confronting society in the 21st century are inextricably tied to this urban dynamic and demand that scholars, researchers, and practitioners work across multiple disciplines, bringing the best minds and ideas to the table. (...)