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Haotian Lin

Haotian Lin graduated in 2014. As a student at MSc Urbanism of the Delft University of Technology he took part in Shenzhen Scenarios 2.0 – Livability in Shenzhen within the Complex Cities Studio. This studio is co-organized by the International New Town Institute (INTI) as part of the New New Towns program. This article was originally published in a slightly different version at the website of the INTI (www.newtowninstitute.org). Lins master thesis is available here: www.newtowninstitute.org/ pdf/P5_report_Haotian_Lin.pdf

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Making Housing Affordable in Fast-Growing Chinese Cities: A Shenzhen Perspective

Like many other Chinese cities, Shenzhen is experiencing intense spatial transformation. Downgraded neighborhoods are replaced with luxury housing, shopping malls and offices. Such development might improve the competitiveness of the city, but ignores the affordability of the city for lower-income groups. The reliance on the market parties to develop affordable housing has not produced satisfying results. The old Danwei housing, which is profusely present throughout Shenzhen, has a number of qualities that make it attractive for redevelopment. Might it solve the shortage of affordable housing for the young and creative class, and thereby contribute positively to the transformation of Shenzhen?
According to the 11th five-year plan (2006-2010), Shenzhen will shift from manufacturing industry to creative and knowledge-intensive industries. Human capital and technology innovation are to become the new generators for economy. Many young and highly educated graduates therefore come to Shenzhen to search their fortune. However, high house prices become the first barrier for them to settle in the city. Rocketing house prices have been with no doubt the most popular topic in recent years among Chinese citizens. This article illustrates the current housing problems in Shenzhen and introduces a new renewal model to improve the affordability of housing. […]