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Emiliya Karaboeva

Emiliya Karaboeva is a historian and received her PhD (Candidate of Ethics) for a dissertation in Gender Social Research at Sofia University. She is currently studying for her second PhD in anthropology and history of technology at Eindhoven and Plovdiv Universities, and conducting a research about Mediating East-West. International Bulgarian Truck Drivers during the Cold War Era. She is a Professor at the National College of Ancient Languages and Cultures and partite lecturer at the faculty of Cultural studies at Sofia University.

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Networking Eurasia - Bulgarian International Truck Drivers and SO MAT During the Cold War

This article aims to discuss the rather elaborate and complex transcontinental network created
by Bulgarian international truck drivers who worked during the Cold War era for SO MAT– Bulgaria’s International Automobile Transport Business Association. My thesis is twofold: Firstly, I argue that this network drew on elements from several intertwined and interdependent networks,
the most important among which under discussion here are the TIR system (Transports Inter­nationaux Routiers; International Road Transport), the SO MAT itself, and blat 1. Secondly, I contend that this latter informal network not only straddled the Iron Curtain and the so-called First,
Second and Third Worlds, but also served to interlink all the aforementioned networks in a single heterogeneous entity.